Apr 20 17 7:54 PM

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France's Election Canceled After Media Crowns Putin Next French EmperorEurope should stop holding elections. Everyone already knows that Putin will winMatthew Allen image13 hours ago | 1640 22PatreonDonate!FacebookTwitterRedditPrintimageThis time no invasion of Russia (probably)Hey French people — are you excited to go to the polls on Sunday and choose your next president? Of course not. All French citizens with a clue will stay home and count their baguettes, because they know that Vladimir Putin will be their next president. This is what we are being told by our trusted media. And when have they ever been wrong? We rest our case. "Vladimir Putin’s fortunes may be declining in the United States, but he is still well placed to win big in the French presidential election," writes Quartz, which apparently has double-checked the latest Gallup polls and knows that Putin has the French presidential election in the bag.