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America Agrees: Prince & Princess Javanka Don't Belong in White House imageBy Heavy Mettle  Thursday Apr 20, 2017 · 7:22 AM EST30 Comments (30 New) 17  imageRSS REBLOGGED BY TAGS Share this article  America has spoken and doesn't believe that Jared and Ivanka’s White House roles are appropriate. Because Americans know that Trump has shattered every norm and tradition associated with the presidency, and not in a good way. Reeling towards kleptocracy, dictatorship and “nepotocracy” is probably not what voters had in mind when they said they wanted their  candidate to shake things up. And yet here we are today with the majority of Americans disapproving of everything Trump does.  It almost makes you wonder if something fishy happened during the election to install this incompetent authoritarian. Now how do we get out of this? 
About 53% of respondents said the first daughter playing a significant role in the White House is not appropriate, compared with 36% who said it was appropriate and 10% who did not have an opinion.


Kushner, her husband, also has a broad portfolio within the West Wing, where he has an influential purview over a range of foreign and domestic policy issues. He is heading up the Office of American Innovation, a new White House office aimed at reforming the federal government through private-sector solutions.

About 53% said his role was not appropriate, compared to 32% of respondents who said it was appropriate and 15% who did not know