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  imageDonald Trump allegedly invited former Miss Hungary to his infamous Moscow Hotel Room.imageFiled by Catherine LeClair | Jan 14, 2017 @ 9:38am Share MORE14.1KSharesLink / Embed In 2013 while attending the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, President-elect Donald Trump (a married man) allegedly invited former Miss Hungary Kata Sarka up to his hotel room, New York Daily News reports. This information comes by way of an interview with Sarka from last May which has been unearthed as a result of the unverified dossier published by Buzzfeed earlier this week."We were in Russia, at the final for the Miss Universe and then a man approached me and grabbed my hand, drew me to himself, and asked 'Who are you?'," Sarka, 30, said to host Kasza Tibor on the show, which takes place in a car. "He asked in English and I was so embarrassed...I was so embarrassed that I couldn't say anything else but 'Hungary!'"AdvertisingimageSarka and host Tibor chatted about Trump's proposition while cruising in a convertible.Sarka continues: "And then he said 'and why are you here?' And he gave me his business card with his private number and told me in which hotel and which room he is staying in. And his name is Donald Trump."This is allegedly the business card he handed her, which honestly is fine but nothing special? I was expecting more gold.The proposition of Sarka occurred on the same trip that Trump is alleged to have partaken in sexual escapades including ordering Russian hookers to perform golden showers. It's the latest accusation in a routine where claims against Trump are made, Trump denies them, and the day of the inauguration draws ever nearer with nothing having changed. What is most shocking about the story is not that it happened, in fact I find this so believable it's almost quotidian and barely a news story. What's shocking is that he didn't just grab her by the p*ssy if he was so interested in her. After all, doesn't Trump believe this is what women love? And wouldn't we assume that the reason Trump has been so invested in the Miss Universe competition is because he cannot see women as anything besides sexual objects? This behavior only confirms the sad facts we already know about our soon-to-be President.AdvertisingWhat's interesting, though, is that Sarka is laughing about it, along with the host of the show. The conversation is spliced between clips of them cruising through a city with the top down, singing along to music. It's quite a carefree scene. It brings up the question of why Sarka feels so emotionally disconnected from the situation, and puts the current American cycle of outrage into sharp relief. Will there be a time in the future when we laugh off the claims made about our President and react to him with a dismissing giggle? I hope not. Just because Trump has tried to make himself come off as an idiot (see: everything he posts on Twitter), he is in a position of power that makes him incredibly dangerous, and we need to continue to mount evidence against him.